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Product Details

The Barbell pad provides a soft cushioning support when squatting under a bar and is kept in place with its velcro closure that fits securely around the bar.

Squats are often referred to in the fitness industry as “the king of all exercises!” The reasons behind that include;

  • The power and strength you develop from squatting directly transfers into your performance when it comes to sprinting, jumping and any movements reliant on a strong posterior chain
  • To squat correctly you must engage almost every part of your body to maintain perfect form
  • You cannot squat heavy (correctly and full depth) with a weak core, so in essence the more you squat the stronger your core becomes
  • Whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, olympic lifter, sports athlete or even someone trying to lose weight you will find a benefit in doing squats

More often than not many people complain of bruising, pain and an inability to concentrate fully on the task at hand when squatting because they are trying to balance the bar in exactly right spot on their shoulders, making sure it stays in place through the entire range of motion. Now with the Barbell pad (measuring 45cm long with a diameter of 8cm) you can safely and comfortably perform squats without the added hassle of getting sore shoulders in the process.


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