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Product Details

Barbell Weight Set - 175kg

  • 1 x D545-82 15kg Economy barbell - silver ends
  • 4 x D540-5kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x D540-10kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x D540-15kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x D540-20KG Bumper Plates
  • 2 x D540-25kg Bumper Plates
  • 2 x Spring Clips 

Bumper plate


Michael Pang (from CrossFit Aphesis)
Box owner, head coach, Olympic lifting certified coach
With over a decade’s worth of experience in Weightlifting, we have tried and tested many bumper plates, from IWF Olympic Games Quality to generic bumpers found most often at your local CrossFit Box. We’ve hammered the Bumper plate range for the past 4 years with zero failures and have found that they are quite simply by far the best value for money plates on the market when it comes to durability, surface finish, tolerance (weight and fit), design and warranty. With a low to medium bounce, no sticky oily residue out of the box, extremely tight weight and design tolerances and a flawless surface finish. In a nutshell the Bumper plate range is humble, efficient and reliable.

15kg Economy barbell

A bar specifically created for Cross fit use and has knurl markings for both Olympic and Powerlifting and No Centre Knurl marking and finished in a black zinc oxide coating. Collars are finished in a bright Zinc coating and locked into place using snap springs to ensure they do not come loose over a lifetime of use and the Gel lubricated Copper Alloy bushings will withstand the punishment of a cross fit training regime.

We have conducted extensive hydraulic testing on the strength and reliability of the bar over a 72 hour period at 300kg pressure for 7500 repetitions without deformation and have rated the bar at 230kg (500lb) which is more than enough for all cross fit training requirements and a great value bar when setting up your cross fit box.

Diameter: 25mm
Length: 82”/ 2050mm
Weight: 15.00kg
Loadable sleeve length: 320mm


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