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SKU: F29-NAT-10m

Product Details

The 10m natural battle rope seems like a simple piece of equipment at first glance but has the potential to do so much. The battle rope will have you increasing your strength, power, cardiovascular endurance/lactate threshold depending how hard and long you train. If that wasn’t enough the unique nature of the battle ropes simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. Best of all its fun and a great way to trick yourself into exercising! Some common exercises with the battle rope include rope pulls, waves, slams, throws, spirals and whips. You can also incorporate basic exercises like squats, burpees, standing rows, shoulder press, lunges and jumping jacks while keeping the rope in constant motion or even using as part of a WOD.

Made from sisal, a durable material that allows for extra flexibility with a 2inch grip and both ends covered in a plastic coating this rope is more suitable for indoor use.

Easy to setup with the use of the Battle rope anchor; the anchor must be drilled and screwed to concrete using the screws and plugs provided. (You may wish to dynabolt for a more secure fixing)

For all your battle rope storage needs the Battle rack mounts neatly onto your gym wall.

Product Specs
2" grip (approx 12kg dead weight)


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