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Product Details

The Body bar is ideal for beginners, group exercise classes or outdoor use. The Body bar is a great tool when it comes to incorporating cardiovascular and resistance training at the same time. Using the body bar to perform multiple compound exercises in succession at a high intensity will ensure you are increasing your heart rate while causing a muscle building stimulus due to the resistance of the bar. Plus it’s a lot more interesting then running on a treadmill for half an hour!

One example of this would be doing an upright row followed by a shoulder press finishing with an overhead squat but don’t limit your Body bar to just weight training and get creative. Being covered in a user friendly soft rubber makes the body bar comfortable to grip for an extended period of time and perfect for rehab or mobility work allowing for adaptation with the weight ranging from 2kgs going all the way up to 20kgs. Both ends of the body bar are covered with a hard plastic which ensures longevity for the life of the bar and to avoid damage to your floor. Another feature to note is the bars diameter increases as the weight does which will make it feel heavier than it actually is this is due to the extra strength required to grip the bar.

Body Bar - 6kg (125cm length/34mm grip)


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