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Lifeline's cables are all made using Progressive Layering Technology™, so they feel better and last longer than common extruded fitness bands. The reviews say it all and it's true - Lifeline really makes great fitness bands (and handles)! Use different bands for different exercises and ranges of motion - or move up to the next resistance level for added challenge and continued strength, endurance and performance gains. It's also a good idea to replace your bands every year, depending on use and wear - and with Lifeline's interchangeable system, it's easy! Feel the difference and try a Lifeline cable today!

Handles (come in pairs) 
The patented Exchange Handles are ergonomic and have loads of subtle cable saving and comfort adding features, but the most important is the cable pocket design. The 'pocket and channel' allows you to interchange any of the 10 resistances LifelineUSA offers. Hold 1, 2 or 3 cables at the same time using the patented LifelineUSA Triple Grip Handle. The simple, patented design allows you to stack up to 300lbs on a pair of handles. Go from light resistance for shoulder movements to very heavy for squats and curls...just add or remove a couple bands. Grip-All Handles are adjustable and interchangeable, accepting a fitness cable, flat band or nylon cord. Just insert cable or band into the slot and secure by pushing the grip ball and tugging the cable or band to secure. Adjust the length to increase resistance instantly. Patented grip ball design minimizes wear on cables and bands. Ergonomic handle rotates to reduce stress on your wrist as you exercise. Or try our basic handle, the Quik Fit Handle, which does a great job and brings added portability to your resistance band / cable system.

Heavy-Duty Door Attachment 
By simply closing it in any three hinge-door, you have a durable cable anchor that will allow you to do up to 10X more exercises / movements be eliminating the need for you to stand on the tubing. The new non-wear Cable Cradle saves you money by reducing wear and tear on your cables 11% over the standard model.


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