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Chalk Bowl

Chalk has always been a necessity in the fitness community when it comes to lifting heavy and training hard to provide a stronger, sturdier grip. Whether you’re involved in powerlifting, rock climbing, Olympic lifting, using power rings, kettle bell training, gymnastics, strongman training or general weight training you’ll find chalk extremely useful in competing at your best and not letting those sweaty palms or your grip strength get in the way of hitting a PB. But often when providing chalk in your facility you have the added problem of having to vacuuming more regularly, a risk of deterioration occurring to your pin-loaded machines or clogging up your cardio equipment, having a floor covered in chalk dust and looking like an absolute mess! With the Chalk bowl stand these problems are now a thing of the past!

With the popularity of Crossfit and free weights training chalk has become a part of pretty much all gyms, while it is a necessity for training no gym owner likes the mess associated with gym chalk and the chalk bowl is the solution in keeping the chalk and potential mess contained. Sits over 1m high on a sturdy metal base keeping the chalk out of the way and contained to not only keep your gym/box presentable but also remove the old style chalk buckets off the floor and the mess and hazards associated with the buckets aswell.


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