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Lifeline Fitness Cables are built using Progressive Layering Technology™, so each cable has multiple layers that work together to add durability and provide extremely smooth cable feedback across even the widest ranges of motion! 

Add to your cable, a pair of Exchange Handles and door attachment and you have an incredibly effective resistance training system! 

The patented Exchange Handles are ergonomic and have loads of subtle cable saving and comfort adding features. The most important is the patented cable pocket design. The open channel allows you to swap cables with the same handle - and with 10 resistances offered, you'll never outgrow this incredibly effective fitness system! 

Get started with an R3 cable (provided) and work your way up. As your workouts change, additional resistance cables are available for purchase to use with the handles you already have! 

The reviews say it all - Lifeline makes the best cables and cable systems on the market! Try one today! 

Exchange Handle System comes with:

  • One 5 ft. cable (30lbs. peak resistance)

  • Two exchange handles with hard grip rotators

  • One heavy-duty door attachment

  • One instructional DVD featuring fitness expert Jon Hinds

  • One cable exercises poster and door attachment insert (while supply lasts)

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