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Tough, Affordable MMA Cages

Zebra Floor Mount MMA Cages are made with the same high grade steel and quality foam products as our Event Series MMA Cages, but they are designed to be bolted directly into your existing floor. The Cage Poles connect to the Cage Panels and the Cage Poles are then bolted to the floor. Each Cage Pole has an 8" x 8" plate for mounting to the floor. The Cage Panel walls are constructed of a steel frame around the highest quality/gauge vinyl coated chain link fencing available.

Each cage comes with padding and vinyl for all cage panel walls, poles, and corner pads. A floor mounting kit and installation instructions are also included. Vinyl cover and matting is sold separately (see Ultimate Cage Floor).

We also offer 10' Cage Panel Wall sections sold individually. We can customize any configuration to meet your facility needs.

Zebra MMA Cages are built to last. 

Product: (Part #)  
16' Hexagon (ZC-HEX16)  
18' Hexagon (ZC-HEX18)  
20' Hexagon (ZC-HEX20)  
22' Hexagon (ZC-HEX22)  
24' Hexagon (ZC-HEX24)  
30' Hexagon  (ZC-HEX30)  
16' Octagon (ZC-OCT16)  
18' Octagon (ZC-OCT18)  
20' Octagon (ZC-OCT20)  
22' Octagon (ZC-OCT22)  
24' Octagon (ZC-OCT24)  
30' Octagon  (ZC-OCT30)  
20' 5/8 Octagon (ZC-OCT20H)  

Vinyl Color Choices – You can choose from a wide variety of vinyl colors for your fence panels, corner pads, and mat covers. We can even customize logos for an additional fee. Pricing will depend on the number of colors in your logo and the number of logo placements.

The Ultimate Cage Floor

Provide the ultimate protection to your students by finishing off your Zebra Cage with the Zebra Training Series (1.5 inch) or Zebra Pro Series (2 inch) MMA mats. The smooth vinyl finish eliminates mat burns and makes them easy to clean while the superior shock absorbent foam offers the ultimate protection. Zebra MMA Mats are available in Blue, Red, Black, Grey, and Digi Camo.


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