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Zebra Hangman Bag Rack 

The Zebra Hangman Rack delivers with heavy impact and is a professional grade Thai bag station for your gym.  This rack features a beefy powder-coated industrial steel 4" x 4" frame that supports up to a 300 lb. bag. Ths unit is perfect for the gym that can't mount bags to the walls.  The Hangman bag rack unit attaches directly to your concrete floor without destroying your walls or ceiling!  No part of the rack touches the walls which minimizes noise as well!  Anchors are included to mount the 12" x 12" base to your floor for a sturdy station that will take decades of the meanest strikes!

Zebra Hangman Bag Rack
The more racks you buy, the more you save!

Part # Size/Description
 ZC-BAGF 8'10" tall x 3' wide  

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