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Product Details

The Jerk blocks internally braced strong and durable design will withstand any weight you can throw at it (literally!). This gives you the ability to perform lifts overhead or from the front rack position and drop the weight confidently without consequence.

The benefits to owning a set of these bad boys include;

  • Utilizing as a spot for extra safety when it comes to performing the squat, bench press or even when practicing olympic lifts
  • Allowing you to further protect your shoulders when it comes to lifting loads that are just too heavy to repetitively lower from the lockout position
  • Removes the need to clean before every rep when working the final phase of your clean and press (overhead press)
  • working on your technique in the jerk phase (when it comes to the clean and jerk) becomes that much easier because the blocks allow you to perform rep after rep of the jerk phase without the added difficulty of becoming fatigued along with having to shift your focus from one part of the phase to the other
  • A great way in helping teach the clean by breaking down the movement and utilizing the blocks for each stage of the lift

Exercises you will also find useful to perform with the aid of the blocks include hang cleans, push press, overhead squats, partial deadlifts (starting from an elevated platform allowing for technique focus and variation), front squats, plyometric work and box jumps just to name a few.

The Jerk block set consists of 2 x 2 inch blocks (the top layer which is made completely of plywood), 2 x 6inch blocks, 2 x 12inch blocks and 2 x 15inch blocks with all of them being stackable. They each have stoppers underneath which lock the boxes in to place and handles to easily add or remove each one from the stack.


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