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Power loops/resistance bands were originally created to assist or increase a load when performing an exercise such as the bench press, squat or deadlift. Now days the Power loop/resistance bands are being used in a variety of different ways, many of which the power loop’s original creator probably would have never dreamed of! There are still plenty of athletes out there using them for their original purpose and smashing PB’s due to the benefits they get overcoming speed or sticking point issues. That being said some of innovative examples of how people are using the power loops include;

  1. As a rehab/mobility tool to increase range of motion
  2. A stretching aid in place of a partner
  3. A way to add a unique resistance in an exercise therefore forcing adaptation to avoid plateau
  4. Helping through your sticking point and aiding those weaker muscles that usually get left behind by the more dominant muscles (e.g. in a squat a lot of people have difficulty properly activating their glutes and their quads dominate the exercise)
  5. Attaching the bands from above will aid in predominantly the bottom of the squat and attaching the bands from the bottom will increase the load at the lockout/top of the squat. Obviously this method can be applied to all of the main three power lifts (deadlifts, squats and the bench press)
  6. To assist in technique cueing (e.g. wrapping the band around your knees in a squat to cue pushing the knees out and separating the ground to ensure hip activation)
  7. Exercises that require you to support your own body weight are often difficult for beginners and almost impossible to perform correctly. These can be made easier and more accessible to those beginners by using the Power loops/resistance bands to help take some of the load, chin ups and parallel dips would be two examples of exercises where this method would greatly affect your ability in performing correct technique.

Warning: Bands should be inspected regularly for any visible wear and tear. When used on an abrasive surface bands can deteriorate quickly and snap.

sold as a single band.

Band Dimensions: (106cm (L) x 13mm (W) x 5mm (Thick)


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