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Lightweight, Portable & Easy to Move

Roll out mats are incredibly lightweight, quick to set up and breakdown, and easy to move.  Each mat section is light enough to be rolled across the floor by one person - or easily carried by two - and can be maneuvered through tight spaces or up and down stairs with ease.  Full mats can be set up in minutes and practically unroll themselves.  Rolled up for storage, Roll Out mat rolls can be stood up on end, and take up little space.

Quality Construction

The Roll Out Mats are made using a 2lb. per cubic food dense closed cell Cross-linked polyethylene foam, and the latest in manufacturing processes.  The four keys to a high quality roll out mat are:

-Foam: The most important component of any quality Mat, our cross-linked polyethylene foam provides both shock absorption and durability

- Vinyl Surface: We use Heavy-duty non-slip vinyl that's super-durable and never needs reconditioning.

Foam/Vinyl Bond: To create a long lasting mat, there must be a flawless connection between the foam and the vinyl surface.  Our Roll Out Mats are made using an advanced flame laminating process that fuses the two together for maximum strength

Roll out Mat Cuts: To make the rolling method possible, cuts must be made in the foam on the back side of the mat.  Our state of the art computerized system makes a perfect cut every time while leaving the vinyl completely untouched for a fold that won't fail over time.

Mat Sizes   Description of use:


The ultimate in Portability.  Ideal for stand up arts, non-impact sports, and Jiu-Jitsu training.


Our standard mat thickness.  Provides ideal combination of performance, versatility and portability


For the Ulitmate in performance, and international competition

   Standard roll width is 6' wide!

We can manufacture the rolls to the length you need them.  Let us know your room size and we will determine the correct roll lengths for your application.

Mat colors:











Note: Colors are approximate.  If color matching is a concern, we'll gladly provide a free product sample. 

Custom logos available:


Ask us how we can add your logo to your mat!


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