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SKU: B294-150LB

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The 150LB Slam Ball/Atlas stone have been tried and tested to withstand any impact you can throw at them! Covered in durable high density latex with a grain finish for better grip and filled with sand (with no extra air required) these features not only add to the ball’s longevity but also ensure they don’t bounce no matter how hard the impact. If you want to build power, strength, plyometric capacity, co-ordination and cardiovascular fitness all at once or are training for CrossFit or Strongman events the Slam balls are for you. Exercises that allow you to utilize the balls full potential include partner back and forth throws, overhead slams, using as a safer and softer alternative for atlas stones, wall throws and doubling as a medicine ball.

Warning: To prolong the life of the Slam Ball - Do not slam the ball on the valve side.


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