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Slam ball net

The Slam ball net allows you to now completely utilize your slam ball to annihilate the entire body! By simply placing your slam ball in the net¬†(Ensure the valve is facing up so as to not expose it to blunt force),¬†tightening the drawstring and looping the rope around the net, you’re now ready to go for a completely revolutionary workout.

This multi-functional unit is most commonly used in;

  • Strengthening the explosive rotational capacity of the core
  • Increasing mobility in the shoulder and thoracic joints
  • Working on reaction time, agility and power work
  • Improving anaerobic cardio performance or
  • Rehabilitation work

The best ways to utilize the Slam ball net are as follows;

  • Wall chops (with your back to the wall, slamming the ball as hard and fast as possible)
  • Figure 8 swings
  • 3 point kneeling chop
  • Shoulder swings
  • Sledge hammer slams (using like you would a sledge hammer slamming down on the ground)

The rope is made of PP and measures 290cm in length from end to end which will double over to 140cm after being looped through the net. The net that holds the ball is also constructed from dense PP to ensure it will withstand the beating you’re sure to give it. Slam ball sizes ranging from 10lb -50lb will fit into the net allowing for a huge range of progression when starting out. (NOTE SLAM BALLS ARE SOLD SEPERATELY, IT IS ONLY SHOWN FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES)


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