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SKU: F41-2.0

Product Details

Tower Sled 2.0

Extremely Solid with a unloaded unit weight of 32kg, compact and durable sled that will allow you to perform all types of Pushing, Pulling and Sprint training on most surfaces although Astro Turf (artificial grass) or Outdoor use is recommended however the skid plates are 5mm thick plate steel which will allow you use on almost virtually all surfaces however use on Concrete is not recommended as it will reduce the life of the product unless Nylon Skids are attached.

The design and functionality of the product have been improved from the original Tower sled by modification of a collapsible centre weight stack (this weight stack is held in place by a 5mm thick bolt and stays is rigid when stacked with weight plates). This modification will allow you to easily collapse the 60cm weight stacker to a flat position for Transport in your car or for storage in the gym which will allow you to stack multiple sleds on top of one another without having to undo any nuts and bolts. There is also the addition of weight plate supports to ensure that your high quality bumpers are not distorted or damaged in any possible way.

Unit size: 100 x 65 x 20cm (collapsed)

Unit weight Empty: 32kg


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