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Twin Storage Unit with Bar Rack (Accessories not included. Used for display purposes)

The answer to all your storage needs has finally arrived, now you no longer need to buy a storage unit for every different piece of equipment you hold onto. That’s where the Storage unit comes into the mix, standing 2m tall with a 1.77m wide storage capacity in each bay and 50cm deep! The bar rack holds a whopping 16 Olympic bars with all the components of the unit’s frame being constructed of 5mm thick steel. This gives you peace of mind in knowing you can store weight plates, dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, wall balls and slam balls all on the same rack without trouble. The storage unit is completely modular whether you want;

  • 1 shelf bay
  • 1 shelf bay + 1 bar rack
  • 2 shelf bays
  • 2 shelf bays + 1 bar rack
  • 3 bays etc.

The SMAI-FIT - Twin Storage Unit with Bar Rack Includes;
All solid shelves require a crossbeam shelf to mount to. Only Kettle bells and dumbells require a solid shelf.

  • 8 x Crossbeam Flat Shelf  (suitable for bumpers, wall balls, rollers and ab mats etc) (XF-STG-VERB ~ Flat Style Crossbeam Shelf)
  • 3 x Crossbeam Incline Beam shelf (suitable for rubber hex dumbbells) (XF-STG-NCB ~ Incline Beam Shelf)
  • 6 x Solid shelf (suitable for cast iron or competition kettle bells) (XF-STG-SHELF ~ Solid Shelf)
  • 8 x 2m Uprights (XF-STG-UPRIGHT)
  • 3 x Plate peg (suitable for fractional plate storage or hanging resistance bands etc (XF-PPEG)
  • 1 x Bar rack (holds 16 x full size Olympic barbells) (XF-STG-BARHDR)

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