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SKU: SDX-20kg

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The all new Premium Core Bags have arrived and it is better than ever! The new core bag design has eliminated the previous issues many of our core bags had (and competitors for that matter). The new design consists of:

  • A pebble filling
  • A strong reinforced layer of composite foam
  • Handles made from seat belt webbing reinforced with vinyl
  • Sand free
  • Zipper is enclosed with stitching

All these attributes help to prevent breaking of the handles, uneven weight distribution, zippers busting open and all the other mishaps generally associated with dodgy core bags.

Thanks to the unique handle design (one side has handles going length ways and one side the handles are going width ways)the core bag allows you to perform an array of dynamic multi plane movements and gives you the option of choosing to use a pronated or neutral grip depending on the exercise in question. They are also great to teach proper form and technique for beginners in;

*Strongman (atlas stones, farmers walk, keg walk)
*CrossFit when using them in WOD’S
*Kettle bell training (swings)

Using the Premium Core Bag increases the intensity of any body weight movements by simple carrying/holding onto the bag during the exercise.
Some examples include squats, plyometric jumps, short distance running and walking lunges just to name a few. Not only can you incorporate the core bag into body weight movements but it’s a great alternative to barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells etc. This is especially true for outdoor training or when performing multiple exercises (one after the other) and not having to mess around with changing through different pieces of equipment.

Other exercise examples that allow you to fully utilize the Premium Core bag are woodchops, overhead press, front/back squats, deadlifts, core bag swings, bicep curls, tricep extensions, floor press, bent over rows and upright rows. The Core bags are covered in rip proof vinyl, the inside lined in foam and filled with rag and sand (Although incredibly tough and resilient these core bags are not recommended for slamming).

64cm x 27cm dia. Approx. 20kg


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