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Zebra Trolley Rack System

The Zebra Trolley Rack System saves floor space in the gym by mounting to wood-studded or concrete walls. Each L Bag Rack (2 poles and 1 I-Beam cross bar) comes with all the necessary hardware for mounting. 

This unit is constructed with 2" x 2" x ¼" Steel Tubing. Trolleys for this system are sold seperately (as are bags). Purchase add-ons for longer length bag racks. This rack is available in one standard height, 10'10" tall.

ZEBRA 8' Trolley Bag Rack Add-on

This Add-on enables you to extend the length of your bag rack system by adding onto the ZEBRA Trolley Bag Rack. Each 8' Add-on comes with 1 I-Beam cross bar and 1 pole constructed with 2" x 2" x ¼" Steel Tubing. Assembly and mounting hardware included (bags NOT included). Purchase additional add-ons for longer length bag racks. Custom lengths are also available.

ZEBRA Trolley's

The specially designed trolleys are used to secure your bags to the system.  These trolleys allow you to move your bag anywhere along the rack that you desire.  Their locking mechanism secures the trolleys in place while using the bags.  A simple pull of a cable and you can move the bag anywhere along the rail you like.  Add as many trolleys as you like to your system.  Each Trolley will hold one bag.  This system is perfect for those with Limited floor space. Zebra recommends purchasing the Bag spring to use in conjunction with the trolleys to minimize stress on your trolleys.

Trolley Rack System, first section - 8' Sections
 Part #  Size/Description
 ZC-BAG10I  8' x 4' x 10'10"H  

 8' x 4' x 10'10"H
Add-on Bag Rack - 8' sections 

 ZC-BAGT  Black Bag Trolley (Per Bag)

Zebra MMA Home Gym Training Station


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